Friday, May 04, 2007

The Perfect Future

I just finished reading the book 'Revolution in World Missions', byK.P. Yohannan, a book I recomend everyone get and read, it is free, just go to to request your copy. One point in there he talks about who the Anti-Christ is, he says, and I agree that it is economic in source.

Then I read just now a news article about Muhammad Yunus next idea. Socialistic business. Running businesses with a socialistic goal as the bottom line, less hunger, better schooling, better health, etc. His first experiment is working with Danone to provide yogurt to the poor in Bangladesh. His motives are interesting. Quoting the article: "In a country like Bangladesh, paralyzed by strikes and inept governance, it's obvious why Yunus sees business rather than the state as the way to solve social problems."

Wow, the state can't do it, so lets try consumerism. It is ok that the whole idea of consumerism is to make money for the few, Adam Smith's perfect economies never has happened in real life. Consumerism involves money which easily corrupts.

What a noble idea. The government failed, but money will work. Sounds so noble, but think of Enron, Collins & Aikman, GE of the past, and so many others that have gone bankrupt, corrupt, or damaged the environment and so much else.

This is another attempt to solve the world without God. Make it good without the one who is good. Pull human nature up by our own bootstraps. The problem is, it will work. People will get richer, the poor will have their money, the rich theirs. Wells will be drilled, people educated, doctors paid, tv and phones bought and used. There will be no more need for spiritual things, no more worshiping of useless gods. No more needing to worship the one true God. It will be possible to work and survive your time on this life comfortably. We will not see millions of people dieing because of simple needs.

And yes even the church will get involved, they already are. Give loans to people, tell them to live biblical ways and all will be better and good, they work themselves out of poverty and live the way God asks them too. But how off the mark. We are called to go beyond biblical living, we are to have a one on one relationship with Christ, to give everything we have to him.

Do you know that most Christ followers in Asia actually have it worse off than those that live like the rest of their culture? Everything we read about in the Bible happens to them, they are hurt, killed, or banished. There is a great cost to following Christ. It would be rare for a westerner to have his shop burned down if he changed religions, but it is common in India. Yet there are 20million Christians in India alone, many sharing their faith, a faith that is growing. But so too is the economy, and money is 'good' for everyone, there are very few people that would disagree.

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