Tuesday, May 01, 2007


One of these girls is Ruth, the Other Anna. They are no blood relation, but look very similar.

This past Sunday I was asked to stand up in front of a Jr. and Sr. High Sunday School class and talk. I prayed about what to talk about. I felt lead to take into the classroom a pebble, a rock, and a toy car. I started by saying that I started out life as an Engineer, then this past summer I learned about listening to God. I set the pebble on the ground and said "God talks to everyone." I rolled the car up to the pebble and said "we need to listen" I then rolled the car again, this time much faster so it went over the pebble, "we can chose not to listen." Then I set down the rock, "God may need to talk louder." While I rolled the car up to the rock. Nancy then said, "The louder God talks the more it is going to hurt."

Now the continuation of the story. God talks to us, but so does his enemy, the shameful thing is that it is with a similar enough voice that we need much discernment to know who it is. The good news is that we have the Bible! God's message is quite consistent, it is always good. Much like this picture I need to know and have an intimate relationship with my daughter. If I picked up Ruth or Josh picked up Anna the result would be a very unhappy child. But as Anna knows me and I her, picking her up results in a hug. The same for Ruth and Josh.
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