Thursday, May 31, 2007


Last week I talked about writing what I believe, this week I took the opportunity to write something up for my mom as she thinks about some things, wanting my point of view. (Mom and I are a lot a like, we like to talk about things at a 'deeper' level.) The total of what I wrote is seven pages, and could be longer. I wanted to post a small section of what I wrote. To summarize: Everyone has a foundation for their life, many do not take the time to look at it. Where you stand affects a lot of what you do. A poor foundation causes problems for the whole structure above it and every one living inside it. Well here it is my personal creed, my personal foundation:

My foundation is Christ, Jesus, and the Lord creator of everything. I believe this world was created, in six distinct periods, and is separate from the creator, both the creator and the created are completely real. Each and every living thing in this created world reproduces. Everything real is interrelated and God gave man the job of caring for this world in a positive caretaker, gardener, nurse, zookeeper like way.

The earth, universe, and time was not created as good and then corrupted. Before even the start God had the time after the end in mind. God’s goal was not a
good world that was corrupted and he will destroy and trash and replace. It is like he is baking a cake, destroying eggs, flour, water, sugar and heat to in the end have something great, he made the ingredients in six days and on the seventh he is resting while it rises before it goes into the fire and out comes something much better than that going in.

Evil is very real also, a third part of reality, and as God has made us separate from himself we can choose and do choose to live apart from Him, evil in us is sin. But God
also gave us a way to live with him. The not completely understood fact of Christ dying on the cross gave me a focal point to say; ‘I cannot be perfect on my own. It is not enough for me to basically good, I need to be perfect and I need help to do that.’ Faith is accepting it as true even without full understanding.

I need an immovable goal and foundation to rest my life, my thoughts, and my actions upon. I give my life to Christ, his Father, and let the Holy Spirit inside of me to guide my life. I give up my life completely in order to live the life the Real God would like me to live. I never realized how much God would take of me, but he did. And my life is the better for it.

Each time I get swayed and corrupted I will try hard to return to the simple Rock foundation of my life, though not completely understood the Bible helps. I will guard my heart from other ‘good’ advice, knowledge, and efforts and instead focus on what is best.

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