Friday, April 27, 2007

The Genesis Questions

Another book...

This one by Hugh Ross is trying to interelate sound biblical teaching with sound science teaching. Like many of my favorite pastors he many times refers to the origional Hebrew version of the bible. One thing new I learned is that the Hebrew parts of the bible is only 3000 different words. (much of the first half of the old testiment if memory serves me right.) He points out that many times a single hebrew word has a couple scaler definitions such as day could be the 12 hours of light, the 24 hours from dark to dark, or era, a long period of time. So while KJV etc of bible translators used the 24 hour period it is the idea of ages that fit with society, with each ending and the next beginning.

He says that in the first six ages God created things, and the current age, now, is the seventh rest period with no creation work taking place but life goes on.

For a while I thought with confidence that Noah lived 4000 years ago, and Adam 6000. He points out that Hebrew geneologies skip generations, think how Isrealites all saw themselves as sons of Abraham.

He also says that the biomass as present in coal, oil, and limestone formations (all come from former natural sources) could not be present on the earth at one time, there is not room.

Also noted was some math about how many people should have been alive before Noah got onto the arc. Should have been around 56 billion. But there is no proof it was that high, the reason given is that there was a very high rate of murder.

I am glad that the book does not try to answer every possible question. For example why are there races, dark and light skin color, nose shapes and other small physical difference? There is not clear science answer, every answer it science can provide can be disproved. The bible is hush on the subject of why, but does point out that dark and light skinned people lived at moses time.

If you care about how science and God interelate this should be one of the books you read. Should it be the only one you read? I don't think so. It is good to get your thoughts from many different sources and you us your wisdom to reach your own conclusions.

One last point he stated is that Faith is based on facts, and actions based on faith. God askes you to love your God with your mind body and soul. Your mind is what you use to look at science. For me if there is a contradiction between God his word and science I place the error on our understanding of the word, or science, not on God.

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