Monday, April 02, 2007

Future of Church

I am reading many books right now. A couple in depth books looking at the future of the church, how what we go to on Sunday mornings will change, how what we do as community will change. The reason we all agree is that the current traditions are set from the modern era. The rest of the world is now transitioning from the modern era to the postmodern one. That is why I think so many Christians, Rob Bell, Bill Hyble, Brian Mclarin, and churches Willow creek, Mars Hill, Saddleback, Granger, and many many local churches are stretching the thoughts and comfortableness of life long Christians.

They all know that without change the next generation of Christians will be born into the faith, not choosing it at an older age, everything done will be tradition, abstract from society. So while Jesus will not change, and the way we believe, the laws that remind us that we sin, and when followed help us stay very close to God. But how do we keep the foundation firm. Traditions are hard to break.

Did you know that most Christian Traditions we have now are actually from non-Christian sources. Christmas and the Mesopotamians worship of Marduk, Easter and . Could Christ, God, and Holy Spirit be worshiped and obeyed through the methods of other religions instead of the former European methods? For a long time I saw the value in the Native Americans value of the earth. But those bringing Christ also brought them their own culture.

I am reading many books on Hinduism. The children's books are the best for the amazing subject that is so new to me. It reminds me most of what I have heard of the Greek gods. This is a religion without a central theme, it just builds and build. Odd thing is that at it source it is one God with three identities. There are some other things that make me wonder if as the post modern age becomes full swing it will be easier to bring them Christ without them loosing what is right in their culture currently.

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Ryan said...

Pondering it more, what it is is that what needs to happen is that the traditions of "church" need to be evaluated, some lost, some kept, some changed, some new. But in the end we will still have traditions, just new ones.