Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Mickey Took a Tumble

Anna has this cup that I dislike greatly. It even has a name Mickey. Yes the Disney mouse. To me it screams Disney! Why, because it only holds 4 oz of liquid. All show and not much worth. All her other cups hold much more. Then this one has a double wall and liquid in between you can't tell how much drink is in it very easy.

My parents went to Disney years ago, during my spring break. (I was home working) They brought back this CD of music, I think from one of the parades, it is all celebration, but emotionally empty. That CD is much like this cup, entertainment, not substance.

Now to let you know I am not anti Disney. I would love to go to Disney World and or land. I am an engineer, they have a lot of great engineering there to see, plus the people control, etc... my entertainment would be very different than most people that go to hug giant stuffed mice. I would have so much fun looking with a critical eye, though those around me might view it as a downer.

I also have watched, and will continue to watch, Disney related TV and movies. It is entertainment, and sometime I just want that. They have a cute movie called Jump In for example.

We hear all the time about the grown up MM club stars that have a outrageous life I wonder how many are doing life in a Christ centered focus.

Well today I got to throw Mickey out, a tumble on the cement gave him a crack and all his slimy showy liquid leaked out. He was just a shell of himself, and unable to do his meager 4 oz job anymore.

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