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God's Economy

While I really like my thoughts on Mickey it is time to add a new post. This one again is long, lots of quotes from the book Friend Raising. This is a great book for all Christians to read.

God's economy is different than ours, Giving and Receiving is different than selling and buying.

Friend Raising building a missionary support team that lasts –Betty Barnett

P7 ‘generosity is the primary theme of “friend raising” ‘

Ch 1
P11 ‘many Christians considering full-time missionary service are more fearful of support raising than of being martyred on the mission field’

P11 living without a steady paycheck definitely requires a strong faith of God.

P11 ‘these principles of support raising are intimacy in relationships, interdependence, mutual love and sharing, and bearing one another’s burdens.’

P12 working / being self-supporting removes a reliance on God we become independent from Him.

P13 ‘we must conscientiously break independence in our own lives and conscientiously cultivate interdependence with one another and with God.’

P13 “Missionaries are not sparing verbally with others for their money. Interdependence is not Christian welfare. It is joining forces to defend the faith and fight the good Fight.’

P14 ‘none of us can go it alone. We must constantly strengthen our support web.’

P14 Jesus, the twelve, Paul, and Elijah were supported by others

P15 ‘If God called you, you are worthy, He has declared you so.’

P16 The first step if you feel called is to talk to those in authority over you, pastors, elders, parents, and God. This is a serious time of discernment, the advice of your home will be great, it may be how God directs you, or how you are held back from God.

P19 ‘four pillars are needed: friend raising, generosity, communication, and prayer with promise.’

P21 ‘We are to seek first the Kingdom of God, not the dollar’

P22 ‘others can tell what our goals are, to cherish and enjoy them, or to use them to serve our own goals.’

P22 a farmer gave 10 pounds of seeds to a missionary who gave it away when she arrived in her new village in the Philippines. [Giving does not have to be money, but other things of use too] Barb does not ask for support but does spend 10 hours a week just communicating back to those that do communicate with her from Minnesota.

P24 ‘in our fragmented society of broken families and broken relationships our greatest ache comes from loneliness.’

P25 [Many times as you work on your friendship people will give you money, and it may be awkward, but you need to recognize that at that point you are Jesus, they give their gift “as to God himself”]

P28 “if I have… but do not love, I am nothing” 1cor113:2’

P29 ‘During visits back home, our primary role should be to listen. To often we are quick to speak of our ministry … and seldom quick to listen.’

P31 ‘few people today are equipped to listen. We tend to offer quick fix scripture references and simple dos and don’ts

P32 to develop a true deep relationship takes time, and listening on both parts, and perception and the ability to ask the right questions.


P35 ‘suddenly I understood – it was not others’ generosity towards us, but our generosity towards others, that was the key.’

P36 even poor congregations in South America give a handful of rice or a tomato. As the poor gave God increased what they had so they could give more.

P37 ‘Earl Pitts “the kingdom of God's system of finance is giving and receiving. The worlds system is buying and selling.”

P37 buying selling is an equal transaction, giving receiving is not.

P41 it is easier to give than receive. There is much guilt / responsibility in receiving a gift given in truth to God.

P41 ‘there is no lack of money for God’s work. The money is there, but much of it is locked into some buying-and-selling systems [debt] that have consumed and robbed the church. Our own generosity can release others from ordinary buying and selling into giving and receiving.’

P43 as missionaries we must not only lay our life down for the people we minister too but also for those that ‘send’ us. Not just those who give us money but everyone that God lays on your heart.

P48 ‘many people want to express their love in actions, but do not know how.’

P50 sometimes the Holy Spirit tells others what financial needs are… other times we will be told who to ask

P57‘we are co-laborers with the Lord.’ Being a missionary is not by might or power but by the spirit.

P59 col 1:9-11, ps. 120:1, ps. 121:1-3 7-8, ps34:4-5 7, ps 145:13, 1 cor 15:58, 1 th 5:24 ‘the one who calls you is faithful and he will do it’, eph 3:20, 1 tim 1:12, 2 cor 11:30 12:9-10

P62 ‘prayer with promises will either be our point of greatest strength or, if we don’t pray, our point of greatest weakness.’

P66 visit face to face
P67 talk on the telephone
P68 hand written messages
P69 newsletters with a small handwritten message
P69 video’s bulletin inserts, whole church communication
P70 give and send gifts
P72 awareness

P72 to start talk with the people you talk to now then to people you used to talk to but lost contact with then to newly introduced friends.

P73 ‘a key principle: encourage people to first ask the Lord, then respond to us in accordance to his will.’

P73 ‘be careful not to select people we think should give to us. God does the selecting, we do the communicating.’

P73 Also remember to give specific areas of need like airline miles or a computer that could be given.

P74 personally invite people to respond. ‘Would you pray about providing monthly support of $5 to $100 a month?’

P75 ‘money should be the byproduct not the core of a relationship.’

P75 many people will wait and see before giving [just like those so many missionary go to serve it takes long term investments]

P76 you are developing a network of support, at the top is the close prayer and financial supporters, and others are just on our hearts. Some get a bi weekly update, others twice a year. God will tell you who and when.

P77 ‘the local church is a sending body’ as Paul says in Rom 10:14-15

P78 ‘if your pastor does not mention it feel free to ask for them to have a corporate time of blessing during the Sunday morning service soon before your departure to the field.’

P82 ‘friend raising is an adventure in dependence. A strong dependence on God and a interdependence with His people’

P86 Hindrances include:
using athourity to pressure results,
Spiritual attack,
Poverty mentality (love of money when we have none),
disobedience (SIN),
lack of integrity,

P93 ‘walking in freedom from the fear of death and be willing to obey God at any cost snatches the element of fear out of Satan’s hands. He loves to issue fear filled and life threatening taunts, especially as we venture into missionary service.’

P99 so often I will send letters about a need, with an over stated or understated budget, and God will provide EXACTLY what I need.

P99 many times I will buy the plane tickets then pray Ok God what should I do… ‘and watch God do the selecting, I walk a walk of faith not of sight’

P100 it is very important to send thank you notes to supporters

P101 make sure you have no sin in you

P101 ‘whenever a thank you is needed but not given the relationship is broken’

P102 ‘receiving a gift is an honorable thing’

P102 let the gift giver know they were acting on behalf of God

P105 ‘since the tithe belongs to God, paying it is not an act of generosity, but an act of simply paying what is owed.’ [Yes those in missions need to tithe!!!]

Malachi 3:8-10 ...test your God in this.

P106 ‘john Wesley believed as a christens income increased so should there standard of giving.’

P106 ‘Jesus asks us to live beyond the law in many areas.’

P107 forgive people for not writing, you sending info to them is still important

P107 ‘you need to trust the Holy Spirit on who to send and who not to send information too.’

P111 ”I have heard of many fund raising techniques and this one feels right in my spirit”

P111 scriptural principles are universal, practices are regional.

P113 a missionary should be sent by their own church, if they are from a very poor Indian village that church should send, a handful of rice at each meal and a prayer will add up.

P117 tent making still needs support, accountability, etc… it is important to have that base.

P119 ‘Testimonies that talk’

P125 sent letters to 11 people telling of a need, 5 meet the need, wrote letters to all 11 thanking them for their work, God gave exactly what was needed!

P129 the sending church is more than just financially involved; they also want to pray when decisions need to be made. They want to know specifically what to pray.

P132 don’t put all your eggs in one basket, layer your support response, and listen to the Holy Spirit for your correspondence, a written note on the newsletter is important.

P135 don’t let impersonal newsletters be your only source of support raising

P136 newsletters are vital to communication but include one line of your own hand in different color.

P139 don’t preach, don’t let the mind wander, clearly show prayer needs

P141 be real, show you are human and show the ministry uses you

P142 keep newsletters colorful and real! Pictures, tea bags local stamps, etc…

P144 try to get a response from the reader, not just money but personal

P150 God’s economy is based on giving and receiving not buying and selling

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